• We invest in companies with a proven business model, structural growth industries, strong management teams and multiple growth opportunities.

  • We invest to develop and make them grow with the ultimate goal of creating more solid companies, lasting over time and of strategic value, capable of generating employment and wealth in the medium and long term for the stakeholders involved.

  • Focused on value creation through:
  • Organic and by acquisitions growth, domestic and international
  • Sector consolidation
  • Improvement of operational efficiency and strengthening of the organizational structure
  • Digital transformation
  • We collaborate with management teams to identify strategic development opportunities and facilitate the implementation of defined investment theses.

  • We help to outline the business plan on which the investment is based.

  • Post-investment, we collaborate as shareholders with the management teams of the investees:
  • Supporting management and supervising value creation from the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitating the implementation of investment measures and defined theses.


  • Seasoned and cohesive team
  • Selective and rigorous approach to our investments
  • Growth and value creation oriented
  • Flexible, dynamic and entrepreneurial mindset
  • International perspective and experience
  • Long term partners